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Driver's License Restoration

At Featherston Law Firm, I help people protect their driver's licenses from suspension and revocation due to traffic infractions, DWI arrests, breath test refusal and other reasons. I also help to get Missouri driver's licenses reinstated after they have been suspended or revoked.

Depending on your circumstances, I can help you:

  • Fight a denial or revocation
  • Obtain limited driving privileges to get to work, school, etc.
  • Get your license reinstated after a five- or 10-year denial

I understand how important driving is to your life in the St. Louis metro area. Losing your driving privileges is a devastating blow that I am here to help you overcome. Furthermore, I can help you avoid the risk of getting charged with driving while suspended or revoked every time you get in the car.

I serve clients from all walks of life, including those who rely on a commercial driver's license (CDL) to make a living.

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To learn how I can help you fight a suspension or revocation or help you through the reinstatement process, contact my law office online or by telephone at 314-400-2302. I handle traffic and DWI matters for clients throughout the St. Louis metro area.

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